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You are buying a CD which contains study material In pdf format.
Also in the CD is link to all the files which can be downloaded by you.


• Chapterwise Most Important Questions (with solutions) for Class 10 Board Exams.

• Strictly CBSE Board level questions only. All questions are from NCERT text or have been asked in earlier exams.

•  Questions related to concepts which are repeatedly tested in the CBSE Board Exams have been given importance.

• Good guide for learning what is important and for quick revision.

• CD has chapterwise separate ebooks in pdf format. Also provided in the CD is a link and QR code to access and download these files.

The CD contains Chapterwise important questions and solutions for full syllabus as per the CBSE curriculum 2018 - 2019. These questions have been selected based on importance of concepts as per the CBSE board exams 2019 pattern. It strictly follows the NCERT books and the CBSE syllabus. All the study material in the CD are based on the current trends of the CBSE board exams based on our research of syllabus, learning outcomes, official cbse sample papers and previous year question papers. By studying the material provided in this CD you will come to know what is really important in the chapter and be able to quickly revise all the important questions. Our content is best for revision during exams or tests. This will also help you get familiar with probable questions similar to questions asked in previous year question papers. These documents are extremely exam focused and intended for high impact study which will enable you to score more.